Wisdom notes:

“Minds and parachutes only work when they are open.”

“There are no schools for anything important in life! Only the experience of screwing up regularly, wiping your nose, and opening yourself to mentors.”

“Competition is good for us; it brings out the best, and makes us stretch our talents.”

“The will to succeed is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to succeed.”
Vince Lombardi

“Only two things are infinite: The universe and human stupidly. And I am not sure about the former.”
Albert Einstein


Skipper for 2023: Our By-Laws [Article VIII, Section 8] state, “Skipper appoints a chairman and two other members to the Nominating Committee. Committee selects an officer slate by October meeting to the members. Election of officers in December meeting.” Ginger Hayes, past Skippers, Arthur Whiting, AMS and Dewey Ives, AMS are the Nominating Committee. Contact them if you wish to serve, or want to recommend someone.

When I agreed to serve as Skipper, it was to be only for one year! Our TBMC needs to think about who you want as Skipper for 2023, and his/her officers to serve our Club.


Seminar 17-18 January 2023
For the past five months I have asked for volunteers to serve on our seminar committee. The following positions need to be filled:

Sponsor committee: [Solicits sponsors, follows up with their logo for the program book, sponsor items for the seminar bag. A list of past sponsors will be provided to contact.]

Seminar sponsor and speaker gifts: [Responsible for purchasing and arranging for them to be at the seminar, and door prizes.]

Meet the Speakers Reception [Helps set-up, greets the speakers and introduces them to the seminar committee and officers.]


Seminar 17-18 January 2023

Name badges: [Arrange for name badges for speakers, attendee, with correct professional designations, and identify speakers and sponsors on tag.]

Program book: [Help to prepare sponsor list and logos, list speakers, topics, and biography, attendee list with correct contact info. provided, assemble program book, proof read program book, work with printer etc. A job for 3 members!]

Please advise me NLT the 15th of August the duty you are willing to perform for our Marine Insurance Seminar on 17-18 January 2023. Skipper, Art Campbell. CPCU, ARM, AMIM, loadmasterart@comcast.net.


Web master: If you have knowledge on how to operate a web page, please advise me or our Yeoman Lynnette Meis. [lmeis@rimkus.com]

If you know of someone that would make a good member to our Club, invite them to attend a meeting with you. The members will have an opportunity to meet them, and the potential member can decide if it will be a good fit for them.

NOTE: We will not meet in August! See you on September 5, 2022.


Art Campbell, CPCU, ARM, AMIM

First Mate   Julie Cunningham Aiello, Esq.
Yeoman  Lynnette Meis
Purser   Jennifer Seipel, Esq.
Program Chair  Sheryl L. Johnson