I recently learned that Robert “Chip” Birthisel, Esq. has been named an Outstanding Admiralty Attorney for 2022. He is one of two attorneys in the law firm of Hamilton Miller, Birthisel that have received this recognition for their contributions to the law, and for serving their clients. Chip has been a member of the Tampa Bay Mariners Club for many years, and his firm has been a sponsor of our Marine Insurance Seminar over the years. This recognition by his peers, reflects favorably upon Chip, his law firm, and our Club is pleased to honor him for this great achievement.

For the past two years our Skipper Kris Andracic and his officers have worked hard to keep our Club running. In the January meeting the members decided not to hold a Marine Insurance Seminar in 2022. A new date has been set for 17-18 January 2023 [Prior to the Saint Petersburg Boat Show]. The Ft. Lauderdale Mariners Cub has been successful having their seminar prior to their boat show. Many items need to be accomplished before we commit [Forming a seminar committee, locating the cost break down of the 2019 seminar (Helpful in negotiating for 2023) knowing how many attended the Meet the Speakers Reception, and Marine Seminar (Need to estimate for 2023), where is the database for email contacts of attendees, potential attendees, sponsorship list, and contacts.

A seminar committee needs to form ASAP! Last month I asked for volunteers, and none have stepped forward yet. As I see it the seminar committee needs the following: Seminar chair, publicity, continuing education, facilities, seminar topics and speakers, registration, signs (Sponsors), program book, sponsorship, gifts (sponsors, speakers), and a golf chairman.  A minimum of 10 volunteers! All of the volunteers will have a say in the topics, and speakers for the topics. Come aboard for the first meeting after the March lunch meeting for about a half hour to get organized.

Carrie “CJ” Stevens has been our Purser, and has done a great job. She has moved to Tennessee, and we need a Purser that works in the Tampa area. Thank you “C J” for serving during Covid-19, a very difficult time. We miss you! If any member is interested in serving as Purser, please contact me.

We have three new members:  Jennifer Seipel, Esq., Brandon Bushway, Esq. both are with the firm of Hamilton, Miller, Birthisel, LLP, and Samuel Higginbottom, Esq.. Samuel is a graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. He has sailed as a third assistant engineer on a NOAA research vessel around Alaska, and on a chemical ATB from South Carolina to FL. He has also designed damage control software for the U.S. Navy, then he worked on tugboats (Delaware River and the Chesapeake Bay). He is a graduate of The Catholic University, Columbus School of Law.

Art Campbell, CPCU, ARM, AMIM