We will be meeting the 12th of September.   The first Monday is Labor Day [5th of September].

Gino J. Butto, Esq. with the firm of Famulari and Butto, PLLC.  Sheryl Johnson , Chubb’s Underwriting Manager, Recreational Marine will assist and give an underwriters perspective. They will present a program on Bareboat Chartering. This is a topic that will be interesting, and informative. Do not miss it!

Congratulations to Lynnette Meis on her promotion to dealing with engineers and architects. Unfortunately she will no longer be in the marine industry. Lynnette has served the TBMC as Yeoman for three years, and has done an outstanding job. We will miss her!

Our Club needs a replacement Yeoman for the balance of this year (October, November and December). Any Club member that is interested in helping out please contact Art Campbell, Skipper at loadmasterart@comcast.net or call me at (954) 993-0901.


Trivia in the month of August

The S/V Mayflower, a square rigged vessel, set sail from Southampton, England on the 15th of August 1620. She was bound for Virginia with 102 passengers, but was blown off course and landed in Cape Cod, MA.  The passengers and crew spent the winter onboard.

Henry Ford built the first Model T on August 12, 1908.

In 1939 the Wizard of Oz premiered at Grauman”s Chinese Theatre.

In 1969 Woodstock kicked off in Bethel, NY.



“There are sea-going folk and then there are those shore bastards.” 
Thomas E. Colvin, N.A.

“A boat is freedom, not just a way to reach a goal.” 
Bernard Moitessia


Art Campbell, CPCU, ARM, AMIM

First Mate   Julie Cunningham Aiello, Esq.
Yeoman  Lynnette Meis
Purser   Jennifer Seipel, Esq.
Program Chair  Sheryl L. Johnson